Regain Control of Your Customer Journey 

When your customers visit coupon and voucher sites, you run the risk of losing them to competitors or disappointing them due to invalid or expired offers. Savvy retailers are taking a new approach to their deals and discounting strategies – one that helps prevent unnecessary traffic losses.

202104-05-Stealing Your Traffic

This eGuide will teach you how to use hyper-personalized content and offers to get customers to go directly to your site, instead of getting lost at coupon and voucher publishers. You will learn:

  • How competitor, expired and invalid offers on coupon and voucher sites distract and disappoint your hard-earned customers
  • Why hyper-personalized offers in brand-controlled environments work so well
  • How to intercept deal searchers and take them directly to your site
  • How hyper-personalized experiences can prevent abandonment
  • Why hyper-personalized offers are so appealing but cost less to launch 

Get these great ideas immediately by downloading our eGuide.

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